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You look sadly on the computer screen. Your mood is really down, but it is just because of you feel lonely. All of sudden you miss a special one. Of couse it is your boyfriend, Justin.
"I need a hug :’(" you tweet on Twitter. But not even a minut after, there is already a respons.
"I be there…


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Imagine that one day Justin will arrange a big press conference in Atlanta. All television channels, radio stations, newspapers, gossip magazines and all types of media will drop into this press conference. Imagine, this is a press conference Justin has talked a lot about, and something everyone…

Dinner With Parents Babe can you help me with my watch?" She smiled and walked over, "course baby" She's so beautiful and she's all mine. "Babe why are you shaking? Are you feeling alright? Do I need to cancel?" she asked as she put the back of her head in my forehead "No, no, no I'm fine I'm just a little nervous babe that's all." She laughed, "It's my just my mom and dad" "Exactly, it's your mom and dad, what if they don't like me?" She turned around and looked in the mirror and put her necklace on. "You'll be fine Justin, I promise." I walked up and put my arms around her as she placed a kiss on her neck. "You're right, you look beautiful babe." I murmured against her neck. "Thanks handsome, what time is it?" I looked at my new watch I got for this occasion, "7: 08, we have to go" I opened the door for her and walked behind her locking the door on the way out.



"Where are you going?" Justin yelled as you stormed out the room. He followed closely behind you demanding an answer but you had no intention of telling him. He blocked the door not letting you leave.

You crossed your arms and shook your head before saying, “I’m leaving Justin. You obviously…


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Justin and Jaxon Jaxon : Justin, how do I get a girlfriend?
Justin : Look her deep in the eyes, put your hand on her shoulder. And say 'My brother is Justin Bieber"
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